Tuesday Tip: Know Where Your Money's Going


Today I’m sharing my #1 tip for financial health: Know where your money’s going. Why? Because you can’t avoid it any longer and hope that your problems go away. Just like with physical health, you can’t ignore it and expect good outcomes!

For me, this has been extremely easy over the past five years that I’ve been using Mvelopes

Mvelopes is a subscription based budgeting tool that will help you know where everything is going. It will help you set goals and track your progress. This isn’t an ad. I wish it was! But I’m telling you, finding some way to track what you’re spending and saving each month will change your financial health over time. 

I’ve tried all the systems: Every Dollar, Mint, Excel, ignoring it all, etc. And I keep coming back to Mvelopes because it is so stinking easy. Try it out. Let me know what you think!  

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