Create a purposefull, healthy, and simple life.

You want purpose, health, and an intentional life, but how do you do that when life isn’t always simple? Let’s journey together! 


A simple plan for your wellness journey.

We all want to have amazing relationships and feel great, but with your busy schedule and all the demands of life, it can be hard to know where to start. Using my wealth of knowledge and experience in fitness, wellness, and business, I’ll partner with you to accomplish your unique health goals. The plan is simple.

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This is my wellness journey.

Hi, I’m Nicole. Your biggest fan. I’m a lifestyle coach, speaker, and founder of The Worthy Crew, a team of amazing people who all decided they wanted to go for it, prioritize their personal wellness, and help others. My passion is for overall health and wellness—a healthy mind, body, and spirit are essential for overall well being. My goal is to support you in creating a simple plan for your unique fitness goals.


Real people just like you are on their wellness journey with me. 

I gave myself a legit hug in the shower yesterday. I meant to stretch and reach my back with soap and realized I was hugging myself. I just told myself, “Hey you’re doing good kid. I love you.” Legit first time I’ve ever done that, and I can tell you it’s already one of the most beautiful moments in my life. SELF LOVE IS A GAME CHANGER.
— Alexis
I am officially in LOVE with this program. Seeing such great results and I feel so good. Like it’s almost weird that I feel this great?!!!
— Ellis
I feel like my mental gains is what’s improved most. I have way more energy and have a more positive perspective on everything. It’s only been a couple weeks, but I got in such a lazy slump and I just had to do it! My jeans fit better, too!
— Sarah

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